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Home to be remodeled
Scope of work was to convert this average looking home, located on a cul-de-sac, into a premier home an owner would be proud to drive up to. Painting, framing, electrical work was yet to start. This photo was taken prior to beginning work.
New tile on the garage
The overall project evolved into a major remodeling effort. In this case, the garage
roof has had a complete make-over (note the new tile roof, which is fire proof).
More work was to come (i.e., the brick walls would ultimately disappear). This
photo was taken mid-way through project
New tile room stucco paint
All internal work has been completed, and the exterior is also finished. Note that the
brick walls are gone. This photo was taken at completion of work
New plasticmold raingutter doors
Prior to adding the stucco, decorative plastic molding was added to the walls to
enhance the overall look and to break-up the uninspiring, dull, flat, featureless wall.
This photo was taken at completion of work.
Though the rain gutter can be seen, it can also be noted that it has been integrated into the overall scheme, with minimal negative impact. This photo was taken at completion of work.
New landscape sprinklers
Landscaping not only adds to the beauty of the overall look, they hide the sprinkler valves, which would impair the intended view. This photo was taken at completion of work.
Kitchen demolition cement saw
Kitchen has been gutted, and drywall replaced (after rewiring and plumbing modifications). Note that the old chandelier is still there, for lighting. If one looks closely, directly in front of the plastic trash can, new plumbing and electrical lines can be seen protruding through the kitchen cement slab. What is seen is the result of sawing through the slab, up to the right wall, digging out an 18 inch deep trench, laying pipes and electrical conduit, and refilling.
This photo was taken mid-way through project.
Remodeled showroom kitchen
Kitchen is ready for guests. The finishing touches included selection of ornamental faucet accessories (selected and purchased by owner, installed by "A Better Way").
This photo was taken at completion of work.